Misconceptions affecting contraceptive use among young people

Misconceptions surrounding the use of family planning methods and lack of openness in families have been singled out as some of the reasons hindering young people to realize their Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Mangochi district.

This has been revealed during road shows that Youth Net and Counseling- YONECO conducted in the district.

Speaking to YFM online one of the young people who patronized one of the shows Adin Hassan said a lot of young people in the district do not use family planning methods.

She said this puts young people at risk of early pregnancies and contracting sexual transmitted infections including HIV.

“Using contraceptives is believed to cause problems to girl’s later on in life when want to have children therefore girls shun the methods,” said Adin.

She further added that parents also assume that if a girl is using contraceptive methods she is a prostitute, a development which leads to girls shunning the family planning methods.

Adin therefore appealed to young people to exercise their sexual and reproductive health rights so that they can realize their goals and have a bright future.

The roadshows were spiced up with performances by Blaze, Phil j and Real Jimmzy.

YONECO conducted the roadshows in Mangochi under Get UP Speak out GUSO project with financial support from SIMAVI.

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