Piksy expounds on thanksgiving in “Zonse”

“I am a Christian even though my work is very demanding to the extent that I fail to attend church sometimes I still talk to God on my own just like most Christians do.”

This is what hip hop star Piksy told YFM online when asked about his recent song release “Zonse”.

The artist said he released the song as a way of appreciating God’s blessings upon his life.

“Sometimes we forget to thank God for the many blessings he showers on us. God has been good to me all these years and that’s my way of expressing my gratitude,” said Piksy.

He also pointed out that he will continue to put Gospel songs in his album releases.

“People who follow my music and buy my albums know that this is not my first gospel song, I always put one or two gospel songs in my albums.”

According to Piksy the song has received an overwhelming response.

“The reception is great, the song is being loved by many people and the video is great too.”

“People should expect great productions from me this year, l will be very active. My fans have been complaining that l don’t release music that often and am assuring them that they will notice a change,” he added.

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