FUM asks government to revamp dip tanks

Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) has expressed concern over the malfunctioning of livestock dip tanks across the country.

In an interview with YFM online, FUM President Alfred Kapichira Banda said farmers are spending a lot to seek the services from veterinary experts.

“This is a set back to animal farmers as now they have to look for a veterinary expert and pay for all his expenses and on top of that farmers have to buy dip materials from Lilongwe which is very expensive,” he said.

Banda said most of the dips in the country have dip tanks with staff houses but the government chose to neglect this which is a waste of resources.

“A lot of farmers have now switched from cattle raring to other animal production like raising chicken because this is now the cheapest thing they can afford to do and this will surely bring down beef supply in the country.”

Banda said the revamping of dip tanks can help farmers to start making profits in their business.


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