Exhumations of albino bodies worries APAM

Association of People with Albinism (APAM) has bemoaned the growing trend of exhuming bodies of persons with albinism in the country.

The remark comes days after the body of a woman with albinism was exhumed and cut by unknown thugs in Mulanje district.

APAM Chairperson Overstone Kondowe said government should support families that have lost their albino relatives with concrete graves to avoid such cases.

“The solution is straight forward. We have not heard about any exhumations from those graves that have been protected with concrete,” Kondowe told YFM online.

He said the strategy is long overdue as a recommendation was already provided to government on how to avoid such cases.

“A delegation which was sent to Tanzania and Burundi came up with recommendation that governments out there are assisting families of deceased persons with albinism with cement and concrete stones for their graves,” he said.

Kondowe said the strategy can be implemented through the local government.

He added: “With this will not have such kind of cases because there is no way that we can have people guarding our graves all along.

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