Expert cautions on waste management

City authorities have been urged to enforce some laws regarding waste management if the country is to conserve the environment.

An eminent environmental expert Professor Sosten Chiotha said the country is not doing well at individual, household, community as well as national level in terms of waste management.

“As a country we are not fairing well in that area, therefore I am urging city councils to be proactive on this matter and set up some laws which can penalize people who fail to manage wastes.”

“Other countries are strict and people do not throw plastic bottles or papers anyhow,” he told YFM online in an interview.

He cited the continued disposal of plastics as a threat to the environment and people’s health.

“Plastics take approximately 1000 years to bio degrade ,as such this poses a threat to the environment they are also a health hazard because the contain cancer causing components,” he concluded.

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