Government to Introduce TB Source Book

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Population Services has developed a source book for primary school teachers in order to increase awareness of Tuberculosis (TB). 

Speaking to YFM online, the Publicist in the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Lindiwe Chide said the book will impart knowledge to primary school learners across the country on prevention of TB.

“Our colleagues in the Ministry of Health realized the new knowledge about the disease and they approached us with the idea,” he said.

Chide said primary schools in the country will soon have the source book .

She said the initiative will add extra knew contents on the curriculum.

“The initiative is not that knew since we already have content of other diseases in our curriculum,” she said.

Chide further said that the idea is to start with the primary school learners and in the long run the learners will assist in disseminating the information about the disease to the communities at large.

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