Machinga registers high defilement cases

Malawi Judiciary Registrar Agnes Patemba has bemoaned the rampant defilement cases in Machinga district.

In 2017, the district registered 40 defilement cases of which 35  were heard and five are still pending.

In 2018, already the district has registered seven defilement cases of which five of them have been heard and two are still pending.

Patemba told YFM online in an interview this is happening despite different awareness campaigns by various organizations.

“Various human rights organizations have been engaging the communities of Nsanama, Ntaja, Nselema, Ngokwe and Machinga Boma but the initiative seems to be futile,” Patemba said.

The Registrar said a proper research has to be done with Chiefs to find out the possible causes of such cases and find a long lasting solution.

“Some of the notable causes of defilement cases in the district are high levels of illiteracy, cultural practices and also lack of knowledge on the law,” she added.

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