Nomads, Masters future uncertain-analyst

A soccer analyst Charles Nyirenda has said the country’s representatives to the Confederations of African Football club competitions, Mighty Be Forward Wanderers and Masters Security are in a difficult situation to proceed in the competition.

Nyirenda said the two teams are capable of doing well at home but chances of scoring more goals to beat a score sheet of 5 and 4 goals to remain in the competition are very minimal.

Nyirenda said: “If our teams are going to fight very hard they will end up being on the winning side but I don’t see any of these teams managing to score more than 5 or 4 goals as they are expected.”

In order to proceed in the competition, Mighty BeForward Wanderers is supposed to beat AS Vita of DRC by 5-0 while Masters Security has to overcome Atletico Petroleos de Luanda from Angola by 6-0.

In their first leg matches, on Sunday, Might BeForward Wanderers were humiliated by AS Vita by 4-0 after also their fellow ambassadors Masters Security suffered 5-0 defeat from the hands of Atletico Petroleos de Luanda the results Nyirenda described as “terrible.”

Nomads are expected to play their return match at home on February 21 while Masters Security will play on February 20.


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