Government asked to regulate milk imports

The Malawi Milk Producers Association (MMPA) has appeal for government’s control over unnecessary importation of processed milk.

National Director for the Association, Herbert Chagona said it is a pity that on a daily basis, Malawi lets in almost 52,000 kilograms of milk which is threatening the local market.

Chagona said daily farmers are not benefiting due to the influx of imported milk on the market.

“This situation is forcing farmers to pack their milk in small packages which is as small as 200grams which is not supposed to be like that.”

He said they already met the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture to lobby for a standard tax on imported milk on Malawi’s boarders.

“We are not asking the government to ban imported milk but there must be good strategies for regulations so that there is fair trade on the market,” he said.

Chagona said they are still waiting for government to take necessary steps on the issue.

He therefore pleaded with the government to work hand in hand with the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBTS) as some of the milk that enters the country is not of good quality.

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