Zathu Band releases exciting debut album “Chinzathu Ichichi”


Zathu Band has expressed satisfaction with the outcome of their debut album called ‘Chinzathu Ichichi’ following their hit singles Zimatere Zimatere, Sitigonja and Panga Zako.

The youth grouping which is also part of the Zathu Pa Wailesi radio show, has also shot a fourth narrative music video celebrating Malawi which is one of the latest single from the album.

Spokesperson for the band Zilanie Gondwe said the lyrics in the album are an inspiration to young people while allowing all Malawians to experience what the band has been doing since last year.

She the music takes cultural rhythms from different parts of Malawi and it also comprises of urban and pop sounds making it Zathu music.

“We like the fact that we can remain Malawian and be appealing to a diverse audience,” Gondwe told YFM online.

In the album, Lead producer Faith Mussa is offering a fusion of rhythms of various Malawian Heritage with a contemporary instruments, arrangements and modern production.

The band features several musicians in their album namely Maria chidzanja nkhoma who lends her voice in ‘siine mwana’, Sonyezo produces and features in ‘Radio’ while Rina El Generale is a guest rapper in ‘Okongola’ just to mention a few.

Chizanthu Ichichi is a 12 track album including the three singles that the band released in 2017.

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