Youths encouraged to be far-sighted

Business magnate Ben Phiri has encouraged youths to be productive citizens by implementing their business plans.

Phiri was speaking at a Zomba entrepreneurs Pitch Night which was organized by Center for Free Market Enterprise.

He has since asked young people to take risks if they are to be successful entrepreneurs.

“Business is about taking risks, therefore young people should be prepared for anything when they establish a business because it can either succeed or fail but, one should never give up.”

Phiri is of the view that, our education curriculum should be changed so that it should be in line with our local set up.

“Education opens our minds, and it is up to the learner to be innovative based on the knowledge they acquire, if people are not creative the country will not progress,” Phiri added.

In his remarks Executive director for C.F.M.E, Peter Yakobe said it is important for the country’s education sector to equip the youth with various business skills and move away from the trend of seeking white collar jobs.

In an earlier interview, Yakobe told YFM that about 17 young people have successfully improved their businesses and wooed more customers.

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