‘Buy Malawi’ strategy picks up

‘Buy Malawi’ Strategy Chairperson Mike Mlombwa has stated that the strategy has been heavily promoted in the tourism month of September.

Mlombwa told Yoneco FM online that the success of the strategy has also been due to the unavailability of foreign exchange saying people are realizing the importance of buying locally made products.

“By buying locally made products we are saving on forex and two years from now there is going to be massive change,” Mlombwa said.

On the other hand, Mlombwa commended the Ministry of Tourism for being vibrant in the tourism month saying this will help the countries tourism sector bounce back after being hardly hit by the Covid-19.

“The Asian and Chinese business players are the ones ripping the benefits of buy Malawi since most of them have factories if the government gives an opportunity to indigenous Malawians to borrow serious money so they can buy machinery and scale up on production,” Mlombwa said.

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