Tourism industry still recovering

Economist Hopkins Kawaye says the tourism industry is sailing through tough times two years after being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kawaye made the remarks as the country joins the global community to commemorate World Tourism Day which falls on September 27 annually.

Kawaye cited the ban on lake conferences by government and high prices of commodities as some of the setbacks that have affected the industry.

“The fact that the tourism industry depends on one market which is the government and when there is a change in policy it exerts pressure on the industry just as it has done in the present situation.

“Tourism is a luxury and with high prices of commodities people cut down on luxuries and this has also affected the industry greatly,” Kawaye said.

He also warned that if this trend continues it will discourage investment in the industry considering that it is reeling from Covid-19 as well as the government ban.

Kawaye tipped tourism players on the importance of coming up with packages that are attractive to local people in order to revive the industry.

This year, world tourism day is being commemorated under the theme “Rethinking Tourism”.

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