Government to roll out youth internship program

Youth in the country are yet to start benefiting from a government youth internship program which aims at providing a platform for youth to acquire industrial skills.

The initiative aims at tackling high unemployment levels among youths due to their lack of work experience, which is a pre-requisite in many industries.

Ministry of Youth, Labor, Sports and Man power Development Principal Secretary Joseph Mwandidya told YFM online that the initiative has not yet started.

“Currently we are negotiating with various companies and stakeholders to embrace the development and reserve some places for the youth who will be enrolled in the program.

“It is not a one day process, it has to go through various stages, but we can assure them that soon we will be rolling out the initiative once we have finalized all the necessary modalities,” he said.

Mwandidya urged the youth to fully embrace the initiative and be cooperative if the move is to be effective.

“We cannot accomplish this initiative if the targeted group is not involved. Anyone who is a graduate is entitled to this program.”

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