Shops bin meat amid SA sausage scare

Supermarkets in South Africa have been clearing a popular sausage from the shelves after it was blamed for a food poisoning outbreak behind 180 deaths.

The government identified the cold meat polony as the source of the listeria poisoning – but advised consumers to avoid all ready-to-eat processed meat.

Customers have descended on the factories that made the polony, to demand a refund.

The outbreak was finally traced after infecting people for more than a year.

It is believed to have originated in an Enterprise Food factory in the northern city of Polokwane.

A plant owned by RCL Foods is also under suspicion. Both firms have suspended meat production.

There have been 948 cases of listeria poisoning reported since January 2017, according to Reuters.

The United Nations says it is believed to be the largest outbreak ever, worldwide.

In some people the disease – known as listeriosis – causes high temperatures, vomiting and diarrhoea.

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