Citizens slam government’s empty ambitions

As Malawi joined the global community in commemorating World Happiness Day, observers have asked government to treat the recent UN world happiness report as a wake up call.

Speaking to YFM in a random interview, people in the city of Zomba said the report which has ranked Malawi as one the least happiest countries in world is a true reflection of the situation in the country.

According to many, the ranking which puts Malawi on position 132 out of the 157 countries in the world is as a result of many government’s empty ambitions that continue to burden the poorest of the poor.

Harley Chiwisa, a business man in the city of Zomba could not agree further with report saying the cost of living in the country has gone way beyond affordable.

“Malawians are not happy, corruption in public coffers is worsening,  shrinking standards of education, health and business are among other reasons behind our misery,” Harley said.

For Linda Manase a second hand clothes seller, as the nation commemorates the world happiness day it is time authorities go back to the drawing board and take into consideration of all issues highlighted in then report.

“We are earning little from our businesses, taxes and tariffs nowadays are to high, life is no longer pleasing,” she said

While social and economic experts agrees with the report, government through its Spokesperson – Nichorus Dausi was quoted in the media as saying the report saying it is not a true reflection of the current situation .

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