Construction of maternity wing excites Machinga women

A multi million maternity facility being constructed at Chamba Dispensary in Machinga is expected to improve maternal and neonatal care in the area.

According to Chamba ward councilor Hawa Bello, the structure under construction – courtesy of Local Development Fund (LDF) and World Vision will help pregnant women with easy reach of health care and emergency obstetric.

“Five decades have passed with pregnant women from my area dying as a result of complications during pregnancy.”

“Lack of maternity services at the dispensary has been a great challenge compelling pregnant women to deliver on their way to Machinga District Hospital with some losing their lives whilst in transit due prolonged labor pains,” he added.

Senior Chief Chamba said pregnant women in  his area have been facing a lot of challenges that would have been prevented if appropriate treatment was available and provided in time.

“With the new construction of the two million worth maternity facility pregnant women in this area will now afford a smile as it will lessen the distance to Machinga district hospital and also reduced costs incurred during the pregnancy period,” Senior Chief Chamba explained.

Chamba Dispensary which serves a population of about 15,000 has a single clinician who has to attend to almost 500 patients a day, a scenario which has been described by authorities at Machinga District Health Office as unfortunate and one issue to be addressed after the completion of the maternity project.

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