Teachers give government ultimatum over recruitment

Initial Primary Teacher Education 10 (IPTE 10) and Open Distance Learning 5 (ODL 5) teachers have set April 6 as a day for their demonstrations over delayed postings and accumulative allowances.

The teachers are demanding that the ministry of education responds to these concerns by March 26, 2018.

In a statement released on the March 19, the primary school teachers who were trained between September 2014 and July 2016, have faulted government for sidelining them as evidenced by government’s failure to post them in different schools.

This, according to the teachers signifies lack of commitment from government in addressing problems facing Malawi’s education system one the critical issues being, teacher pupil ratio.

Currently there are 54,000 primary school teachers in the country.

On the issue of salaries, the teachers are demanding that government pays them K80, 000 each which accumulated during their teaching practicals.

Spokesperson in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Lindiwe Chide told the media recently that all the required documents for the recruitment were submitted to the ministry of finance.

However, one of the organizers for the demonstrations Mollis Bandawe told YFM online that they are frustrated by the blame game between the ministries of education and finance on the matter.

The country’s primary education continues to face problems ranging from in adequate teachers, learning materials and classroom structures.

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