Increased funding can reduce maternal deaths, says MHEN

Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) has stressed the need for allocation of more funding in community hospitals in a bid to curb maternal deaths.

MHEN Executive Director George Jobe said government should supply adequate funds in rural health centers and hospitals in order to meet the required targets for the Malawi National Community Health Strategy 2017 – 2022.

“If we go back to the National Community Health Strategy on community engagement I would say we are not yet there.”

Jobe said that due to the inadequate number of Health Surveillance Assistants and community nurses, expectant mothers and the community at large isn’t supplied with the needful help.

“For the sake of the strategy’s implementation we need to recruit more health surveillance assistants and health workers so that these community hospitals can work on their level best.”

Jobe however suggested the need for sensitizing the masses on the importance of a good working relationship between communities and health workers.

The Malawi National Community Health Strategy was launched by the Ministry of Health Last year in July.

Among others, the policy was to enhance community engagement in service delivery of health

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