Liwonde Market Vendors boycott market fees

Business operators at Liwonde market in Machinga have boycotted payment of market fees due to sanitation and electricity challenges.

Chairperson for the market, Yusuf Manpower told YFM online that the dumping site which is close to restaurants is not frequently checked.

“The problem puts the lives of people at a risk of getting various diseases like cholera,” Manpower said.

He further said: “The electricity lights are off and during the night there is total darkness which hinders smooth operations of numerous businesses in the market.”

The Chairperson said the issues were presented to the office of the District Commissioner for action but no action has been taken.

“The District Commissioner promised us that once the market fee has been raised from K100 to K200 things will start to normalize in terms of sanitation, electricity and also security but to no avail,” he said.

The District Commissioner for Machinga, Bester Mandere said the problem is there because the market was poorly designed.

“I do not know as to why the dumping site was put closer to restaurants,” he said.

Mandere disclosed that the council has an old modeled tractor which consumes a lot of fuel, he was not aware if it goes to collect the wastes at the dumping site.

On electricity problem, Mandere said he will request for one bill to see if the council can pay back the bills or ask for help from well–wishers.

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