Govt urges farmers to grow globally recognized soya varieties

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development has asked legume farmers in the country to invest much in Makwacha and Tikolore soya varieties as they have the potential to do well on the international market.

Speaking to YFM online Osborn Tsoka, Spokesperson for Ministry of Agriculture, said Makwacha and Tikolore soya Varieties have the economic potential as international markets recognize the varieties.

Tsoko also added that Farmers should be encouraged to grow these soya varieties.

“Our Makwacha and Tikoleri soya varieties are rated number three and five among best 36 soya beans varieties among Aouthern African countries signifying the benefit that Malawi will gain in increasing sales,” Tsoka said.

The rating was reviewed following the field day that the ministry had with other five Southern African countries including Zambia and Ghana.

Tsoka said this signifies that out of five soya varieties, only two came out to be the best varieties based othrough their criteria.

“Malawi unveiled five varieties and its performances was based on yield performance, early maturing variety and pest and disease resistance,” he said.

Tsoka has therefore reiterated the ministry’s continued support for legume farmers in the country.

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