Agri-business good for youths

Linking youths to investors in agribusiness is said to be a critical move in ensuring youth participation in the agribusiness sector.

The comment has been made as the 2nd Annual National Youth Agribusiness Investment Forum starts today 28 May and ends on May 29 in Lilongwe.

In an interview with YFM, Hastings Nhlane who is the Executive Director for the Associated Center for Agro based Development and Youth Entrepreneurship Support (ACADES), said the forum will among others address challenges which hinder the participation of Youth in agribusiness.

Nhlane cited lack of exposure to markets, access to resources for the youth in the agribusiness sector as a restraining factor for little or no participation of the group in the farming industry.

He said there is need for proper structures that can enable the youth to access for their commodities.

“Markets are there, but there are no structures in place which can facilitate that young people are taking up these markets,” Nhlane whose organization is one of the organizing partners for the forum said.

About 16 companies are expected to impart knowledge on how best the youth can capitalize on the opportunies in the farming sector by among other things adding value to agri products.

Nhlane also encouraged youths in the country to take agribusiness as a strategy which can assist them to create jobs for themselves and others.

“In past years, farming was regarded as an activity done by old aged people but now with the dryness on the job market youth should be taking a lead role in farming instead of eyeing white collar jobs,” he said.

The annual event is expected to bring together over 300 youths from across the country.

The theme for the forum is “strengthening market linkages and financing for Malawian youth in agribusiness”.

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