Farmers urged to adopt new farming technologies

Noble Agriculture Technology has urged farmers in the country to adopt High Tunnel means of protective cultivation in their Farms saying it has the potential to outsmart pests attack.

In an interview with Chief Executive Officer for Noble-agriculture technology, Emmanuel Banda said a high tunnel structure protect crops from pests attack and from diseases.

“These High Tunnel offers a highly standardized protection for crops against any kind of pests hence crops grow without interference from pests enabling farmers to have high production,” he said.

Banda further stressed that High Tunnels infiltrate the required amount of Light that crops need for germination.

“For crops to grow well, Light is needed only that desirable light makes crops to grow well, high tunnel structure penetrate the required light that crops will need creating a good environment for germination,” he said.

Noble agriculture technology is a youth led agriculture Technology Company that deals with greenhouses, tunnels and irrigation installation.

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