MEC moves in to ensure more participation in 2019 polls

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has added more polling and registration stations in the country as one way of enhancing the voting participation of persons with various disabilities.

Speaking to YFM , one of the MEC Officials, Commissioner Moffat Banda said the development has come to ensure that the travelling distances are shortened to enjoy equally the atmosphere of registration, verification and voting among others.

“We had considered distances a lot of polling station were far apart to each other so what we have done is to add more polling and registration stations such that people with difficulties in movement  should be able to register , later on to verify and in 2019 they should go there to vote freely,” Banda said.

Banda further said disabled persons are not supposed to be in queues but rather they should be welcomed by the MEC’s personnel such that they can be helped simultaneously and effectively.

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