MDF soldiers asked to embrace discipline

Malawi Defence Force (MDF) soldiers have undergone drills at Chikala Hills in Machinga district in redness for the peace keeping mission in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

After six weeks training, the troops are now well equipped with skills like Jungle Warfare, Base Camp Security, skilla at Arms, UN Mandatory Lessons, Escort Drills, Anti-Ambush Drills, Envoy and Escort Drills, Patrols and MEDIC (Medical under fire)

Malawi Defence Force soldiers have been asked to maintain their discipline in their foreign peace keeping mission in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Speaking recently during the closing ceremony of MALBATT 10 FIB 6, the deputy MDF commander responsible for operation and training, Lieutenant General Vincent Nundwe, advised troops to consider professionalism when doing their work in DRC.

“We expect to all the troops to maintain the discipline that has been always there as they always keep Malawian flag on the Map,” Nundwe said.

The deputy Commander also thanked the USA and UK Army respectively for supporting the exercise.

On her part, one of the pre-deployed soldiers, Lieutenant Vitumbiko Mbale said they are geared up to face the battle.

British ambassador to Malawi, Holly Tett, pledged continued support to the Malawi Defence Force.

“We are will continue support Malawi Defense Force and funding is already there for next year’s troops. It is very important to us to share common values on other hand tackling global issues,” Tett said.

The British Ambassador therefore, commended the Malawi troops for their courage, discipline and integrity.

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