More women with albinism to contest in 2019 — Apam

Association of Persons with Albinism (APAM) says it will offer support to its female members who have shown interest to contest during the next year’s tripartite elections.

APAM National Coordinator Boniface Massa told YFM that it is encouraging that almost 60% of women living with albinism are aspiring for parliamentary and local council positions.

Massa said the association together with other stakeholders will lobby for support so as to encourage the aspirants to withstand the political pressure.

“We are working with different political parties as well as NICE Trust to civic educate us on concerning elections,” Massa added.

He said the association is currently drilling its members to build self-confidence for the campaign.

Malawians will go to the polls in May 2019 to elect a president, members of parliament and councillors.

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