Council officials accused of swindling money

Councillors in Machinga district have expressed a great concern over the misallocation of funds by the top officials at the district council.

One of the Councillors, MacDonald Makanjira said they are surprised that since the approval of the 2017/18 District Development Fund (DDF) budget for projects nothing has been done on the ground.

“In 2017-18 we approved K100 million and the District Commissioner told us to give them projects which can be used by this money and we were following the projects because they have taken a long time,” he told YFM.

Makanjira said they are planning to meet council officials to map the way forward on the matter.

“We went there to query where all projects are so when we asked the District Commissioner he said he should ask the former Director of Finance to come to explain where the money is.”

District Commissioner for Machinga, Bester Mandere said the issue will be discussed at council level on Tuesday this week.

“We agreed that the matter should be presented to the finance sub-committee of the council because then the Chief Accountant will have full information to present to the finance committee and we hope that the committee will present the same to the full council,” he added.

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