NASAF to abolish MBC

As a debate on the operations of the tax funded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) rages on, the opposition National Salvation Front (NASAF) has hinted on abolishing the public broadcaster if the party takes government in the fourth coming 2019 tripartite elections.

The president of NASAF Laudon Malingamoyo told YFM that experience has shown that ruling political parties has abuse MBC since its inception hence NASAF would abolish the state broadcaster and leave it to private institution.

Malingamoyo observed that from one party regime to the democracy ruling parties has greatly contributed to the current situation where MBC has become a propaganda machine serving the interest of ruling parties.

“You can agree with me that during the Kamuzu Banda era MBC belonged to MCP, when Muluzi came in 1994 MBC served the interests of UDF and the trend goes to all governments that followed”, said Malingamoyo.

He pointed out that parties have promised to change the malpractice but when they get into government they abuse the institution hence the only solution for now is to it handover to a private entity.

Meanwhile, as parliament is currently on committee of supply opposition political parties in parliament have hinted on defunding MBC for being unprofessional.

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