Parents urged to encourage girls’ education

A renowned education analyst has bemoaned the lack of motivation by parents to their girl-children to concentrate in science education. 

Dr. Bob Chulu, who is also a lecturer at the Chancellor College, said the country is very far as regards science education among girls.

He said the problem is negatively affecting the implementation of the 50-50 selection policy for the country’s public universities.

“Currently the public universities are implementing a World Bank project which we are supposed to have 50% girls and 50% boys but we are failing to find them because many girls are not taking science subjects at secondary school level,” said Dr. Chulu.

He said the major problem is that parents do not encourage their children to work hard in science subjects which is making them to lag behind in science as most of the female students prefer arts subjects.

The educationist, however said that girls should not be perceived as less intelligent as there are others who come out on top in sciences.

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