Politicians accused of prioritizing personal interests

A renowned social commentator has condemned politicians for politicizing the presidential age limit bill.

Speaking to YFM, Lucky Mbewe said the motion was attached with personal interests.

He said it is very unfortunate and shameful that the bill was tabled in the house without proper consultations.

“There is no way that we can emulate what other country are doing without necessarily getting down to the ground and assess and understand what is working or not working,” he said.

“The issue around presidential age limit bill as presented needed to be a consultative process.”

He therefore appealed to all legislators to separate politics and development for the benefit of the populace.

On Thursday Members of Parliament (MPs) from both sides of the house dismissed a motion which seeks to limit presidential age to 65.

Nsanje south parliamentarian Joseph Chidanti Malunga moved the motion to seek amendment of section 80 of the Republican Constitution to put a cap on the age presidents can be in office.

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