Weak justice system fuelling attacks on persons with albinism in Malawi

A global human rights organization, Amnesty International (AI), has expressed worry over weak justice system in Malawi saying this is fueling the attacks on people with albinism.

The organization said this in its press statement released on June 28, under the theme: “Impunity fuels killings of people with albinism for their body parts”.

AI said the rate at which the cases associated with albinism are concluded in the country is slow as compared to other criminal investigations.

The organization noted that there is lack of financial support in investigating the crimes against people with albinism in the country.

The human rights body observed that there is need for government to raise awareness to address the root causes of crimes against the people in order to mitigate the malpractices.

Since November 2014, the number of crimes against people with albinism has risen to 148 cases, including 14 murders and seven attempted murders, according to police figures.

Amnesty International has established that at least 21 people with albinism have been killed since 2014.

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