Farmers urged to adopt hydroponics farming

Noble agriculture technology has urged farmers in the country to adopt Hydroponic System of cultivating crops saying it has the potential to increase production.

Chief Executive Officer for Noble Agriculture Technology, Emmanuel Banda told YFM that hydroponic system control soil borne disease attacks as crops are grown in water rather in soil.

“Hydroponic System enables farmers to control bacteria soil diseases because plants are grown in water not in soil therefore the diseases has no chance to attack plants making it possible to grow with no interference,” he said.

Banda further added that the newly introduced system gives plants the required amount of water needed to grow.

“As plants are grown in water there is no need for irrigation, plants use the already available water for growth therefore plants are not affected by insufficient water supply,”

He further said: “Hydroponic system reduced some of the land activities including banding and weeding thereby giving a farmer opportunity to do some other agricultural activities.”

Noble Agriculture Technology is youth led agriculture technology company that deals with agriculture technologies, field soil test, farm designing and planting, agriculture systems automation and agriculture consultancy.

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