Zathu Band to release new video

Zathu Pa Wailesi has expressed satisfaction with the achievement the group has registered among the youth populace since its inception in 2017.

Appearing before the Youth Parliament Session in Lilongwe, the group told the young legislators about more exciting packages as season 3 of Zathu Pa Wailesi comes to an end.

In an interview with YFM, Public Relations Manager for Zathu Pa Wailesi, Zilanie Gondwe says as season 3 draws to an end, listeners of Zathu drama should expect more good things and the group is to drop a new video entitled Chizathu Ichichi.

Gondwe added that the new video and title track Chizathu Ichichi shows the important role guardians, parents, teachers and elders play in maintaining relationships that benefit individuals and unite communities as a whole.

“For many people they have to relate Chizathu Ichichi if they really think about it-to elders that they have interacted with who have changed their lives, for me, it’s a teacher, it’s an auntie, it’s an uncle, it’s a colleague who is more senior than me, who is believed in me,” says Gondwe.
As season 3 of Zathu Pa Wailesi comes to an end, the show is also saying goodbye to Annetti, the strong one who has achieved a lot of things with the encouragement of her friends.

She finally got back to school, started a successful business and she helped other streets kids also have a means of getting education through the fundraiser she organised.

Chizathu Ichichi if is the final video from Zathu Band`s first album following hit music videos Zimatere Zimatere, Sitigonja, Pangazako, and Malawi.

Chizathu Ichichi will be released to the public across mainstream media and online on 10th September this year.

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