Mission Rabies reduces dog bite

Mission Rabies says it has made strides in reducing dog bites due to rabies vaccine which they are administering in Zomba district.

Speaking to YFM Online Mission Rabies Project Coordinator Paul Grossman said the exercise is faring well in the district and they have now moved to the rural areas having finished in the urban areas.

“The program is going on well we finished administering the vaccine in the city of Zomba in the month of June areas like Nsondole EPA and Malosa now we are working in the rural areas of zomba like Chingale, Masaula and Thondwe”, said Grossman.

Grossman further said that they are receiving reports from field officers who work for the department for animal health and livestock development that the number of recorded dog bite cases have significantly reduced and it shows that this year the district has not recorded any dog bite cases.

He however said that there was one death due to dog bite but the person was from outside of Zomba District.

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