APAM reveals shortfalls in medical curriculum

Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi (APAM) says it will continue asking the ministry of health to incorporate issues of albinism into the medical curriculum.

APAM’s president Overstone Kondowe told YFM that through its national-wide “understanding albinism training sessions” it has come to light that most medical training schools in the country do not tackle in depth issues of albinism.

“Most of the medical training institutions that we have reached do not offer courses on albinism at length, this is sad for us because we worry those medics that do not have enough understanding of albinism might not provide the best care to those with this condition,” said Kondowe.

He however hailed health institutions for the commendable job being done in the provision of primary care for persons with albinism.

“Despite everything we still feel that a lot is being done to support out people in terms of provision of primary health care, I would ask them to do much more,” he added.

National understanding albinism training sessions is one of the awareness raising mechanisms that APAM is conducting country-wide in order to bring about awareness on issues of genetics and albinism among others.

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