Low capital worries SMEs

National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME) has expressed worry over the poor performance of small businesses in the country in the past three months.

NASME’s Chairperson William Mwale many small businesses especially in rural areas have faced challenges as there was little capital due to the country’s poor performance on the international market.

“The previous month was filled with struggles, many people did not have enough capital for their businesses especially the rural business players,” Mwale told YFM when analyzing the performance of small businesses in third quarter of 2018.

“This was mainly the case because of the poor performance of Malawi’s crops on the international market and the involvement of vendors who tend to buy various produce from farmers at a very cheaper price and later sells them at a much higher price which affects the key player in realizing high profits,” he added.

Mwale however said currently, government and other stakeholders are seriously looking into the matter and will put up some measures that will benefit every business player across the country.

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