GBV cases drop in Mulanje

Gender based violence (GBV) cases have dropped in Mulanje this year as compared to this time last year.

This comes as the 16 days of activism campaign against gender based violence enters its second week.

Second Grade Magistrate Mphalulo Fatchi told YFM Online that victim support unit, awareness campaigns and penalties given to perpetrators of GBV have made a positive impact in reducing the cases.

“The cases as of November last year were about 52 but thanks to all the initiatives that have been set the numbers have dropped to 42,” Fatchi said.

He however bemoaned the tendency of some women who withdraw GBV cases at the court for fear of losing financial support from their husband.

Concurring with Fatchi is Mulanje police publicist Gracium Ngwira who said good strides have been made to this subject.

“Most women and girls are aware of their rights and this has assisted them to report to police for action.”

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