Analyst cautions Nomads action

A soccer analyst, Peterkins Kayira has blamed Mighty Be Forward Wanderers following unfriendly remarks against rivals Nyasa Big Bullets.

He was reacting to a statement by the Nomads Chairperson, Gift Mkandawire, on Wednesday which declared the end of age-old relationship with traditional arc-rivals Nyasa Big Bullets in reaction to player transfer wrangle which has erupted between the two sides.

Recently Bullets signed prolific defender, Precious Sambani, who has been in Nomads camp on loan for two seasons, a development which angered Wanderers.

Kayira said: “Player transfers are normal so a move by Wanderers is leaves a lot to be desired,  the problem is that in recent years these two clubs have moved away from good policies of running football to policies that are against sportsmanship hence ruining the sport.”

He cited two past examples of what he described as the most crucial transfers in the country’s football history, where by Yasin Osman moved from Yamaha Wanderers (currently Mighty Be Forward Wanderers) to Bata Bullets (currently Nyasa Big Bullets), and him (Kayira) moved vice versa but the two sides did not fight.

The former flames star said the biggest challenge is that the two clubs are failing to utilize their reserve sides where they can fish players to beef up their squads without hunting from other clubs.

The player transfer wrangles between the two sides is not strange because in the past a cold war also erupted when MacDonald Yobe moved from Wanderers to Bullets and Muzipase Mwangonde shifted in the opposite direction.

Nyasa Big Bullets have signed Namiwawa FC star Precious Sambani, on a three year contract , shuttering Nomads’ dreams of owning the under 20 defender who was on loan at Lali Lubani.

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