Bridging sensitization gap

Radio Listening Clubs (RLCs) are complementing government efforts in sensitizing people on proper usage of insecticide treated mosquito nets (ITNs) in the area of Group Village Headman (GVH) John in Chikwawa district.

According to Mercy Ngwali who is Health Surveillance Assistant (HSA) in the area, RLCs are playing a vital role in bridging the gap of communication that was there between her office and people of various villages in GVH John considering how big the area is.

“I am in charge of 16 villages in Group Village Headman John in the area of Traditional Authority Ngowe and admittedly, it was a hustle for me to reach out to people of all these villages with information surrounding malaria. However with the introduction of Radio Listening clubs in 2017 my job is simplified as lam able to convey the messages through them,” she said.

Knowing that they are not technocrats as herself, Mercy said she is able to talk to Radio Listening clubs on what it expected of them especially when it comes to sensitizing people on how to use mosquito nets. And that these clubs are able to deliver the right information.

Being someone who is in the area strictly for work, she added that community members  listens more to Clubs as compared to herself as they are able to relate well.

Commenting on the issue Settie Priminta, Health Promotions Officer for Chikwawa District Office said the importance of collaboration between RLCs and HSAs when it comes to the battle against malaria cannot be overemphasized.

“Since both HAS’s and RLCs work in the community, a combination of expertise that is there from Health Surveillance officers assures that Radio Listening Clubs delivers right information,” he concluded.

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