Radio Listening Club member invents mobile tippy tap

A Tippy tap locally known as ‘Mpondagear’ is an important instrument in promoting hygiene at household level in rural areas by promoting washing of hands with soap after defecating in order to prevent diarrhea and other water borne diseases including cholera.

It is for this reason that a member of Mzati Radio Listening Club in Traditional Authority Pemba in Salima has gone an extra mile in promoting good hygiene in the area by inventing a mobile tippy tap.

Saidi Kalulu says the idea to invent the mobile Tippy tap emerged after noticing that the fixed Tippy tap which members of the club were using at their office was often broken down by children who played around it.

“Due to this reason we sat down and thought of coming up with this mobile tippy tap. What happens is that we use it here at our meeting place as a club then after we take it back.”

Kalulu says the mobile tippy tap is much better compared to a stationed one because it can be taken somewhere to use it mainly during sensitization meetings and take it back.

“We use this tippy tap at our office but when we have sensitization meetings we take it along so that people can use it and also see for themselves how it looks like and its importance.”

Mzati Radio Listening Club has engaged an extra gear in promoting sanitation and hygiene by making sure that all households in Traditional Authority Pemba have toilets with a lid to cover the hole in the floor and tippy taps.

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