11 learners injured as makeshift classroom collapses

Eleven learners at M`buka Primary School in Area 36 Township in Lilongwe were injured on Wednesday after a roof of a temporary classroom collapsed on them.

The makeshift classroom fell on the learners as they were cleaning it in readiness for lessons.

Speaking to YFM, Head teacher for the school Jefferson Tsamba said the learners were rescued immediately after the incident.

“After it had collapsed we managed to rescue 11 learners; 10 girls and one boy. The learners belong to standard four C and they are aged between 8 to 11 years,” he said.

Tsamba said that the learners were immediately taken to Bwaila Hospital where they were treated as outpatients.

He suggested that the incident occurred as a result of loose supporting poles that were vandalized by members of the community.

Tsamba urged the community to take ownership of the school’s infrastructure.

“Some who vandalized the supporting poles they originally come from the community. If the infrastructures are destroyed it is the learners who are going to suffer,” the head teacher said.

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