Flash floods displace hundreds in Chikwawa

Flash floods have hit the southern district of Chikwawa, rendering over 500 households destitute, Chikwawa district department of disaster has confirmed.

In an interview with YFM, Chikwawa district disaster officer Francis Kadzokoya said the development follows three days of non-stop heavy down pours in most parts of the southern region.

I can confirm that areas of Paramount chief Lundu, Makhuwira as well as Maseya have experienced some flash floods and specifically most of the rivers that have surrounded these areas emanate from the upland districts for example Mwanza, Nkombezi and Shire River and mostly are associated with floods,”Kadzokoya said.

He said the assessment to determine the impact of the disaster is currently underway and most of the affected people have been evacuated to safe havens which they established in case of floods.

“Already the District Commissioner has deployed a disaster response team on the ground and most of the affected people have been repatriated and some went to camp at schools but they have been supported with some basic needs,” he explained.

Meanwhile, the Chikwawa disaster officer said no single life has been lost but stressed that houses and crops have been greatly affected.

Earlier this week the department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services released a warning that for the past three days the country will be affected by adverse weather conditions due to Desmond winds from Mozambique.

Chikwawa district has been experiencing flood disasters in recent years.     

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