Zomba City Mayor condemns corruption in timber trade

Zomba City Mayor Christopher Jana has condemned the rampant corruption in the timber business among forest rangers and the communities surrounding Zomba Plateau.

Speaking to YFM, Jana said it is sad that people are dealing in timber logs in the presence of the forest rangers to the extent of paying bribes amounting to K 100 and transporting the logs into the city.

“It’s high time that we leaders stand firm to speak about corruption openly, there is a lot of corruption happening in this mountain, how can it be possible the logs of timber find in the cities yet the forestry department has rangers and road broke,” said Jana.

He further advised the authorities surrounding the plateau to take a leading role in reporting such corrupt practices with the aim of bringing back the lost glory of the plateau.

Officials from Zomba District Forestry Office were not readily available for comment on the issue.

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