Gospel duo Fortress returns with ‘holy ghost fire’ single

Following the release of their last two hit singles in the past years, ‘Victorious’and ‘Eagle’ respectively, the Lilongwe based duo Fortress are back in the music fraternity with a new reggae gospel tune titled ‘Holy ghost fire’ which is expected to shock the country’s airwaves.

The duo which comprises of sisters Tamanda and Thabi Kamwangala are best well known for the charm they craft in their songs.

One of the sisters, Tamanda told YFM online that they were inspired by holy ghost to come up with the song.

“Thabi and I are inspired by the Holy Spirit, so we sat down and thought of writing something about what Holy spirit does to mankind and how It can empower us and make us better people,” she said.

In her remarks, Tamanda also disclosed how delighted they are as they have jumped into a reggae beat for the first time saying they just want to show that God is for everyone.

“We are very excited, this is something we have never done but we been always wanted to and we just want to show that God is for everyone so for the people who love reggae songs definitely they will love this song,” She said.

Being produced by the award winning producer, Dj Sley, Fortress hopes the song is going to change lives.

As they started singing at the tender age of 6 and 4, fortress sings urban gospel and they currently working on their debut album.

The duo’s first break came back in 2011 when they were featured in successful climate change video titled ‘Make a change’ alongside Theo Thompson, Tay Grin, Maskal, Sonye, Physix, Black thunder and Rina.

Fortress also became the first local gospel singers to feature on the widely recognized international television trace gospel which is the official subsidiary gospel television to trace TV which locally can be accessed through Kwese TV.

Apart from performing in different countries, Fortress have also shared stage with Democratic Republic of Congo’s soukous musician Kanda Bongo Man and Nigerian’s R&B duo P square.

Fortress simply means ‘a safe place where one can turn to for protection’.

Fortress music accommodates Malawian, and African cultures, the global community, various age groups and lifestyles.

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