Africa behind in ending gender inequalities

Malawi and other African countries are said to have a long way to go in addressing the disparities that exist in offering equitable opportunities between men and women in key decision making positions.

This was noted at a two day international conference organized by Gender Justice Clinic in the Faculty of Law at the Chancellor College in Zomba.

Speaking during the conference, Dean of Law at the Chancellor College, Dr. Sunduzwayo Madise said most of the African countries have a gender parity where most societies are still patriarchy as most men occupy major positions in governance.

“There is need to put deliberate efforts in putting women in these positions,” Madise said.

President of Gender Justice Clinic (GJC) Kirby Chinsinsi Kasinja said in pursuit for gender equality in Malawi and other African countries, western ideologies are often used which do not directly translate to what equality means in Africa.

“We then found it imperative as a clinic to create a platform where different African scholars can come together and share their uniquely African perspectives on Gender Justice and Equality,” Kasinja explained.

Meanwhile, guest of honor, chief director of public reform in the office of president and cabinet, Seodi White hailed the GJC for organizing the international conference as it resonates with government efforts in addressing gender inequalities in different government departments.

The conference saw scholars from different Universities in five African countries who came together to share experiences on how to address the issues surrounding gender inequalities through different researches from an African perspective.

The international conference which was healed under the theme “Africanist Perspectives on Gender Justice and Equality┬ásaw delegates from neighboring Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya and the host Malawi.

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