NICE steps up political violence fight

National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust says it has put in place measures aimed at addressing issues of political violence during the campaign period ahead of the May 21 general elections.

Public Relations Officer for the Trust, Grace Hara, said they have engaged political leaders to conduct issue based campaign meetings rather than politics of castigation.

“In the first place we always make the public aware that despite belonging to different political parties we are all Malawians so the political leaders should take a front line role to teach their follows on the negative impacts of political violence,”she told YFM.

Hara said the trust has also engaged traditional leaders to make sure that they are giving all candidate equal opportunities to have a platform with communities.

“We appeal to chiefs and District commissioners not to create a no go zone area for particular candidates because this creates political violence because of favoring some parties,” added Hara.

She said NICE is conducting debates for aspiring candidates with the aim of giving them opportunity to address their followers.

“They will be able to market themselves by articulating issues and their manifestos once they have been voted into power.”

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