YONECO urges women to embrace self-injectable family planning

Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) has advised women in Mangochi to consider the newly introduced DMPA-SC self-administered injectable method as a family planning option in order to have manageable number of children per household.

YONECO Family Planning Nurse, Innocencia Mtalimanja made the remarks during a series of road shows which YONECO organized in the district in order to bring awareness to the public on the importance of voluntary family planning and this new addition to the method mix.

Mtalimanja said among other benefits, the method allows women living in hard to reach areas to self-inject themselves, a development that reduces the distance to their nearest hospitals.

“We encourage women to choose this family planning method because it gives them a chance to self-inject themselves in particular those women living in hard to reach areas,” said Mtalimanja while adding: “This reduces distance barrier between their homes to the health facilities.”

“When they are given one injection from the health provider they are also given three units to inject themselves at home, one injection in every three months,” Mtalimanja said.

Youth Net and Counselling rolled out DMPA-SC Family Planning Project in Mangochi district in December last year with funding from FHI 360.

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