CEPA calls for awareness campaigns on bushfires

Centre  for Environmental Policy and Advocacy-CEPA has urged government and other relevant stakeholders to embark on massive awareness campaigns on the dangers of setting bushfires which destroy trees in the summer season.

CEPA Executive Director William Chadza told YFM that there is an information gap among people who hunt for mice and do other field activities who do not manage fire thereby endangering forest resources.

“The most important thing is civic educating the rural masses on the dangers of setting bushfires and on the proper management of fires when they are hunting mice and clearing their farm lands,” said Chadza.

He also pleaded with government to take its front line role in making fire breaks so that all government forests and the undergrowth are reserved.

“We appeal to the to the government to consider making fire breaks in the boundaries of the forests so that whenever there is fire caused by the people who hunt it should not affect the forests,” he concluded.

The summer season kicks-off in the month of April to around October and it is associated with bushfires which endangers the vegetative cover including trees and other wild animals.

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