Simfukwe to launch Prophecy album, targets girls’ education

Mzuzu based roots reggae artist and chairperson for Music Union of Malawi (MUM) Northern Chapter Fitzgerald Simfukwe will launch his 5th Album on June 2, 2019 titled “Prophecy”.

Speaking to YFM, Simfukwe said the double CD and DVD launch will be held at Squirrels Park in Mzuzu where supporting Musicians such as Hanna and Alyass, Chifundo Chonoko and AKAFISH will spice up the event.

He said most songs in the album are focusing on uniting the country by spreading the message of peace and harmony while other songs are focusing on the development of Girl Child Education.

“Malawians are one people despite their differences in political or Religious Belief and this is the reason I thought of composing this album,” said Simfukwe.

Simfukwe said most Malawians have gone overseas but they are not willing to help this country and the songs in my album are trying to persuade them to look back to their origin country and help their fellow Malawians.

“On the girl child education it’s like am talking much about the challenges that our fellow Malawians meet in villages, there is no enough materials to help a girl child to acquire quality lessons, so if you listen to the Song “Kalata” you will hear some of the advice that I am calling upon stakeholders and other people who have departed to Europe and other countries to look back to their country and send help,” he said.

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