AU condemns post-elections violence

The African Union (AU) has condemned the post- elections violence that has plagued the Malawi following the declaration of poll results.

Malawi has recently witnessed a series of demonstrations by the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters as a result on dissatisfaction with the May 21 presidential results.

Police fired teargas canisters outside opposition MCP Headquarters to disperse protesters.

According to the statement released by the African Union Southern Region Office, such violence can cost the country’s international reputation.

According to the statement, the on-going post elections violence and excessive use of force by law enforcers can provoke uncontrollable situations.

The body has therefore called on political parties to maintain and safeguard peace and refrain from provocative activities.

The African Union Southern region office has invited stakeholders to follow right procedures in settling their differences for instance through judicial channels and dialogue.

Meanwhile the United States of America has called on all sides to restrain from violence while the high court hears the MCP case and resolve the disputes saying such violence can cost the country’s international reputation and prosperity.

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